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    Videos are, of course, available ... see library supplies

    Now there are two new videos available

    Beginner’s Marquetry Kit and Video

    Jan Walker of  Alberta has a marquetry kit and instruction video available in either VHS or DVD which includes veneers for making a marquetry picture of a hiker in the mountains.  The video describes preparatory procedures, supplies and every cut for making this easy 8-piece picture The length of the video is 100 minutes and the beginner can follow along with every cut.  This kit uses the knife-cutting technique which describes, among other things the correct types of knives and cutting procedures.  Every cut is shown but does use a “fast-forward” technique to allow seeing the cuts, but not bore the viewer in a long repetitive procedure.  It is used sparingly so as not to be overdone. The DVD is arranged in a chapter format which allows convenient places to stop.  Tips are presented along the way, yielding valuable information.

For availability and prices, please contact Jan Walker at

Jan Walker, Fort Macleod, Alberta, 403-553-4511 Website:  

     DVD Case and picture kit makes


    Demonstration DVD

  •     This is a collection of marquetry and parquetry techniques as taped during club demonstrations in 1997.  These are 'home-produced' DVDs and include:
  •     Parquetry - Basket Weave demonstration with cutting and sandshading - 38 min.
  •     Parquetry - Star cutting techniques using easy jigs. - 46 min
  •     Borders - 35 min.
  •     Clamping - 16 min and 28 min
  •     Edge clamping - 3 min

(background features a demonstration at the Canadian National Exhibition in 1986 by the late Mr. Ed Habib - at that time - the Marquetry Society of Ontario)

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