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Quilt Cake Project, 2019

Cake         Maple Leaf        
The Quilt Cake
Frame by G.Wilkinson
                Maple Leaf
Marquetry by John Ness

On each of the pictures below, the fabric quilt piece is on the left and the wood veneer marquetry is on the right.
A big thank you to the quilters who were involved in this project: Lynn Crow, Donna Kerba, Valerie Schulz and Cathie Sischek.

Tier 1 - Bottom layer

Double Pinwheel Corn & Beans
Double Pinwheel
Marquetry by
Corn & Beans
Marquetry by Joe Canker

Rising Sun Tumbling Blocks/Louis Cubes
Rising Sun
Marquetry by Iain McIntosh
Louis Cubes
Marquetry by John Sedgwick

Tier 2

Rail Fence Jacobs Ladder
Rail Fence
Marquetry by Linda McArthy
Jacobs Ladder
Marquetry by Pam Aoki

Nine Patch Peter & Paul
Nine Patch
Marquetry by David Schulz
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
Marquetry by Don Drapeau

Tier 3

Grandmothers Choice Bear Paw
Grandmothers Choice Quilting by
Marquetry by Joel Schmeiser
Bear Paw
Marquetry by Alain Huard

Tulip Time Hickory Leaf
Tulip Time
Marquetry by David Schulz
Hickory Leaf
Marquetry by Jamie Schmeiser

Tier 4 - Top Layer

Chevron Courthouse Steps
Marquetry by
Courthouse Steps
Marquetry by Elizabeth Brown

Log Cabin 4 Point Star
Log Cabin
Marquetry by Enza Elliot
4 Point Star
Marquetry by John Sterling

Tier 5 - Marquiltry Sign


Updated January 2020