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Marquetry Society of Canada 40th Anniversary Cake Project

Cake Cake Cake
Cake, side 1,
Frame by G.Wilkinson
Cake, side 2 Cake, side 3

Bottom Tier

By Conrad Fernandes By Joe Cranker By Ken Perch By John Ness
By Cathy Lago By Alain Huard By John Sedgwick By Graham Wilkinson

Tier 2

By Conrad Fernandes By Samantha Shannon By Tony Rosanda By Cathy Lago
By John Sterling By Ken Perch By Peter Waud By John Drapeau

Tier 3

By Conrad Fernandes By Iain McIntosh By David Schulz By Alain Huard
By Steve Woloshyn By Joe Cranker By Tony Rosanda By Peter Waud

Top Tier 4

By Don Macaulay By Enza Elliott By Marion D'Amboise By Iain McIntosh
By Pam Aoki By Pam Aoki By Don Drapeau By Brian Gow

Updated January 2024